Product Partners

Tech Vision System Ltd.
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Crossover partners with the market leading ICT solution provider – Tech Vision System Ltd. to supply a full spectrum of interactive media applications at a best offer to our clients.The products varies from conference essentials, intelligent video surveillance technology, IT and infrastructure networking system, as well as creative and display solutions.

TFxCloud NEAT-Automated Software Testing Tool
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It is time-consuming to run test for new web applications before launching it officially. In the business world where time is one of the crucial factor for success, this tool could reduce the usually days or weeks needed testing time for web application to only few hours. It enables IT professionals to jump start web application testing. Increasing test productivity of business analysts, manual testers, developers, and IT operations staff with our easy to use,yet powerful testing tool. Its testing platform enables our clients to focus on testing and not implementing and maintaining a testing system.

Elixir Technology Ltd.
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Crossover partners with well-known Singaporean Elixir Technology Ltd. to provide our clients with Elixir Ambience product. Elixir Ambience combines Business Intelligence with Cloud Computing to provide scalable utility computing power for demanding Business Analytics applications. With its underlying multi-process architecture, it scales effortlessly across commodity hardware, with full control of the individual system processes. Designed for multi-tenant deployment, a single setup can support any number of customers where each customer group has its own virtual domain securely separated from the rest. To enable SaaS offering, fine-grain system usage metering control is provided to allow flexibility in charging model.

Kingdee ERP Accounting System
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As a gold partner of Kingdee, we provide our clients of cloud solution with Kingdee’s latest ERP+ system. It is more advanced than conventional ERP, which includes basic financial, inventory, logistics, intelligent production, customer relationship and HR management, Kingdee ERP+ that is based on the operation mode and cross-region management procedure of the industry, designed an ERP+ solutions for specific industries, which can meet the characters and actual operation of the industry, after studying the specific industry’s requirements in function. It can also help enterprises improve management quality and enhance operation efficiency for the long-term development of the company.