AI Chatbot

We create customised interactive agents (Chatbots) that work on all kind of platforms.

Chatbot messaging allows an engaging conversation to start where users already are. No need to download a specific application. Users can directly interact with you and your services from these platforms.

Whether you are looking at setting up a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Skype for Business, Slack, Teams, Telegram, WeChat or another platform, we implement the right connectors and combine Artificial Intelligence and Linguistic tools for better results weekly-recorder.

Each messaging platforms has its own set of <<rules>> from an interface standpoint. We help you create bots that adapted to these rules and constraints.

Native Chatbots enable to integrate your chatbots into your existing mobile applications or into you website. extranet, intranet…

Beyond its integration into your platform , native chatbots allows for toatl control over the conversation interface and offers a tailored user experience (UI/UX).

Native chatbots also decrease the risk and dependence that come with third party tools (messaging platforms) as well as control issues related to data security privacy etc.

Chatting design

We use the most well-suited technologies to develop customised chatbots that are connected, fast and progressive to support your projects.

Learning & Test

Our team continuously test chatbots under development to them pertinent.

Insights & Analytics

We keep tracks of each chat to produce KPIs and measure ROI

Maintenance & Support

With technologies needs evolving fast, we help you maintain and upgrade your chatbots in time.

Natural Language Processing

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to make discussions flow better. Understanding of user intentions, context analysis. We implement the most adaptable tool to your chatbot.

Machine Learning