Successful Stories

Asia Aluminum Holdings Limited

Asia Aluminum Holdings Ltd is the region’s powerhouse of aluminum extrusion, currently operating 5 production facilities in Nanhai in China’s Guangdong Province with an aggregate libaskostum capacity of 150,000 metric tons and over 1000 end users. Asia Aluminum Holdings Ltd is going to build a new avant-garde platform, “Asia Aluminum Industrial City” in Zhaoqing, to facilitate future progressive business rollouts reference. To achieve this target, the company authorizes Crossover help to design and set up an integrated platform which should not only meet current working requirements, but also rich in flexibility and scalability to read full report satisfy future business development needs of new factory in Zhaoqing. The whole project lasts for 2.5 years.

Collect Source Data
At the beginning of the project, we gather the information of both technical and business areas. On technical side, we get hardware and software configuration settings. Meanwhile, because of the large size of Asia Aluminum Holdings Ltd, questionnaires are distributed to the employees to collect feedback and further demand of the current system.

Analysis Current System
After analyzing the existing resources, we propose and implement the relative network and hardware configuration for the project management, provides a complete set of enterprise resource plan for improving the current business flow for Asia Aluminum.

Plan new Systems
Based on the advanced management conception, software technology and rich experience, an integrated ERP system with the three features of platform-oriented, integration and humanness has been developed. “Platform-oriented” provides ERP solution on-demand for the enterprise via the business assignment, development and operation. “Integration” effectively incorporates a diversity of resources based on the eight application areas include financial management, HR, PDM, the third party system and so on. “Humanness” provides people-oriented man-machine interface which could handle the enterprise business in a convenient and fast way, helping the enterprise operators master the software application smoothly.

Besides above ERP system, we also improve Business Process Management (BPM) system which adjusts the enterprise business flow, optimizing the resource and management efficiency for Asia Aluminum. BPM also can monitor the enterprise business flow implementation and provide real-time management for enterprise behave analysis and original business flow correction.

We provides excellent service in hardware and software configuration, ERP system set up and BPM improvement to Asia Aluminum factory located in Zhaoqing. After the whole integrated system has been used, we also consistently provide a full range of professional consultant and maintain service. Our outstanding works bring the advantages like operation cost reduction, operation efficiency increase and business management improvement for Asia Aluminum.

The new integrated platform largely facilitates Asia Aluminum in a diversity of fields. Take the mobile business as an example, service provide by our company let any one of the enterprise can get the authorized information and handle the relative business at anywhere and anytime. This makes the communication among the employees and clients more efficient. Also, soon after the whole integrated platform has been used, Asia Aluminum Holdings Ltd becomes one of the successful renderers for the Grand Lisboa Hotel decoration project.


Convoy Financial Services Limited

Convoy Financial Services Ltd. is one of the leading Independent Financial Advisors (“IFA”) in Hong Kong, specialized in providing professional financial planning consultation services to clients. When the enterprise size is expanded and the number of employee is increased to almost 1000, Convoy authorizes Crossover as an in-house IT advisor for catering its rapid business growth. The whole project lasts for 1.5 years.

Establish the CCS (Commission Calculation System)
CCS is more user-friendly for all in-house financial consultants. By using this speedy system in good accuracy, users can successfully issue invoice with appropriate format on their own. Warnings will be alerted when wrong input or errors occurred by wordings structural detector. In this way, consultants find that it is more efficient in tracing out their saved records with the function of keeping back all generated commission reports.

Establish the PDA-based platform
According to the source data, all the financial consultants spent most of their time in visiting clients and seldom staying at the office, therefore, intra PDA synchronizer will then undertake an essential role as a bridge between company and the financial consultants. Once the financial consultants synchronize their handy PDA by connecting to the company owned PC, the both 2 parties will immediately receive the latest news and clients’ database at the same time. What’s more, the build-in security protective system prevents unauthorized PDA or PC to collect internal data. Besides, this PDA system was all pre-set. Users only need to renew their program after the expiry date.

Establish the BPM (Business Process Management)
After collect employees’ opinions of financial planning services, risk management, asset allocation, retirement planning and estate planning, we found the necessity to strengthen the integration of working process among departments in order to enhance remarkable efficiency and effectiveness. Hence, we provide Convoy methodologies on Business Process Management.

New system provides not only IT support but also business assistant advice, increasing file processing efficiency significantly. Besides, it can estimate full operational status, planning appropriate long-term solutions.
Because of the excellent job we have done, Convoy Financial Services Limited buy other 3 platforms like HR system in the coming 9 months.