Elixir Introduces Repertoire 8 with Ad Hoc BI Integrated


Elixir Introduces Repertoire 8 with Ad Hoc BI Integrated

Elixir officially announces the release of its latest version, Repertoire 8. Alongside the announcement a promotional video was published on Elixir’s youtube channel. Within hours it has gathered tens of thousands of views, even though skeptics say it is all due to marketing campaign carried out by The Marketing Heaven. This new version brings in enhanced features as well as with Ad Hoc Business Intelligence embedded.

Highlights on the New Feature:

Elixir Report Designer

– Gridlines can be shown in Charts

– Step(A,B,C) support for range when grouping

– Report XLS Renderer to support Sectioned and Tree output

– RenderIf support for cells in HBox and Vbox

Elixir Data Designer
– [JDBC DataStore] Ability to hide/unhide password in DataStore Processor

– [JDBC DataStore] Records which failed to be inserted to database can be collected and store to a Datasource

– [DataStore Processor] Ability to update existing database record(s)

– [Processor]Trim Processor is able trim leading and trailing spaces for String data

Elixir Dashboard Designer
– Dashboard Grid can be shown as a TagCloud

Elixir Repertoire Server
– Digital Signature embed in Acrobat PDF is supported

– Chain Targets allow targets to be chained

– Option to /query/machine to get a machine name

– Compacting the server repository via REST API is supported

– Support to add Ambience Filesystem in Repertoire Server as Jcr Filesystem

– Cylinder chart type is available in chart wizard

– Add description Support for RML and PML

– New parameter type for numeric input is supported

Elixir AdHoc
– Adhoc is now merged into Repertoire Server and no more plugin is needed

Elixir AdHoc Report
– Add CSV as the Output Format type

– Operation options to be available under Ad hoc tools

– Pagination support is available in Adhoc Report

– Adhoc Report support chart images in XLSX

– Adhoc Report support Chart images in PDF

– Support limit records for Show All option

– Group and Field dialog for faster manipulation of multiple fields is available

– Loading status for filter value tab

Elixir AdHoc Report Designer
– Adhoc Report Designer and Report now support Chart customization

Elixir AdHoc Cube
– Indexing actions to be restricted to Admin only

– Filter measure values available under Comparison tab

– Filter measure values available under Extract tab

– Adhoc Cube support chart images in XLSX

– Adhoc Cube support chart images in PDF

Elixir AdHoc Cube Designer
– Cube Designer and Cube to support hierarchies of dimensions

Bug Fixes:
Elixir Report Designer

– Tick Label Vertical checkbox status not saved after checked in Combination XY Plots Chart

– Incorrect icon show in the Working Set dialog

– Cube – Incorrect Percent function name is displayed under Cube Schema Cache screen

– Error message improvement for Explode Slice field

– Explode slice fails to work for Pie Chart

– Unable to use Comma Separated List/Set Function in Cube Measure

– Cube displaying extra row at the bottom in rendered output

Elixir Data Designer
– Composite Cross Join Secondary Discards are not discarded

– Query Builder: Show Views option selection is not retained

– [Connection Pool DataStore] UI desciption display in non-grey out mode

– [Cube Processor] Percent function returning NaN values

– Parameters not prompted when inspecting Composite flow

– Query Builder – Second Inner Join is not captured (Dim -> Fact -> Dim)

– Remove API Mode in PDF parameters page

Elixir Dashboard Designer
– Dashboard Read Only security option for Cube Content

Elixir Report Runtime
– Unable to build sample runtime Swing Application

Elixir Repertoire Server
– IJobInfo’ is not found under ‘com.elixirtech.report2.runtime’ package

– Server with static configuration fails to work

Elixir Repertoire
– The Encrypted Option is unable to be checked

Elixir AdHoc
– Create Datasource and Edit Datasource option is removed from the web browser(s)

Elixir AdHoc Cube
– Exception thrown when no matching records is available for cube output

Build index fail for JDBC 4 data type